Fun Child-friendly Bathroom Products, FLORAKIDS by Laufen

Imaginative and Fun Child-friendly Bathroom Furniture, FLORAKIDS by Laufen

I think every mom will be very happy if she can keep her kids stay clean and hygienic. The problem is children generally tend to prefer to play rather than to take a bath, so we need something interesting to make them eager to take a bath. We know that childrens love everything colorful and bright because they think it’s funny. So in a colorful bathroom it would be easier to make them follow the rules of the hygiene. Based on the idea, Laufen have created an imaginative, colourful and playful bathroom products called FLORAKIDS. Florakids is an exciting bathrooms that every kids are sure to enjoy, how not all the colors and rounded shapes and edges make for a fun, creative, simulating and most importantly safe environment for the modern kid. The collection includes imaginative features like a flower blossom shaped washbasin, cloud like shelving, series of mirrors that look like a caterpillar. The narrow toilet seat even has a back rest and side hand grips to enhance comfort and avoid the fear of falling in. So why should wait, just buy and install the FLORAKIDS bathroom products and then let it be a focal point for your kids.

Playful and Fun Child-friendly Bathroom Furniture, FLORAKIDS by Laufen

Fresh Green Toilet seat-Fun Child-friendly Bathroom Product, FLORAKIDS by Laufen

Fresh Red Washbasin-Fun Child-friendly Bathroom Product, FLORAKIDS by Laufe

Colorful and Fun Child-friendly Bathroom Furniture, FLORAKIDS  by Laufen

Reference : Laufen, Trendir


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