The Best Color Combination for Kids’ Rooms Design

Sometimes decorating the suitable room for tots or ‘tweens is more difficult, finding the perfect color palette combination for the wall, Furniture and Accessories is key for creating the great design. Please Check out the latest trends for girls’ and boys’ rooms design form some picture below such as the Red and Green Elegant Kids Room, the Graceful Lavender Kids Room, the Mellow Yellow Kids Room and also the Red, White and Blue Kids Room Design that I collect for you as an inspiration.

Red and Green Elegant Kids Room Design
Red and Green Elegant girl Kids Room Design-Latest Trends and Best Color Combination

Complementary colors, like red and green, bring out the best in each other. Not only do they make a bold impact in a room’s design, but they also reveal each other’s true hue. Green walls are combined with red, yellow and green fabrics to create this elegant girl’s room. A light yellow ceiling adds a touch of sunlight to the space, and handmade striped ottomans are perfect for extra seating.

Graceful Lavender Kids Room Design
Graceful Lavender girl Kids Room Design-Latest Trends and Best Color Combination

As one of the hottest colors of the season, lavender is the ideal shade for a little girl’s room. In this space lavender is paired with cream for a feminine, yet earthy palette, while butterfly wall details add a whimsical touch.

Mellow Yellow Kids Room Design
Mellow Yellow Kids Room Design-Latest Trends and Best Color Combination

To add warmth and cheerfulness to a room, yellow is the color of choice. This clean and airy bedroom is accented with muted red and lime green prints and pillows.

Red,White and Blue Kids Room Design
Red,White and Blue boy Kids Room Design-Latest Trends and Best Color Combination

When decorating a boy’s room, try the classic color scheme of red, white and blue. Navy curtains, red bedding with monogrammed accent and a striped fabric headboard pull the patriotic palette together for a strong, yet sophisticated atmosphere.



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