Sustainable Dining Environment for Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS

Sustainable Dining Environment for Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS

This Sustainable dining environment called DIFFA Dining was dedicated for the Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS‘ Dining by Design. There are Four smart NYSID students, Isis Delomez, Brooke Lichtenstein, Whitney Vlasaty and Yiannos Vrousgos, make a design concept focuses on sustainability and modern aesthetics by redefining the conventional box of a typical booth through an explosion of salvaged materials. In light of ecological problems facing modern society, the materials include recycled lumber, low VOC paint, bamboo flatware, natural canvas and biodegradable sugarcane tableware. An illuminated origami flower centerpiece enhances the natural handcrafted design, symbolizing organic architecture. Together, these elements promote the concept to “leave and imprint and reduce the footprint.”

Sustainable Dining Bamboo flatware

Sustainable Dining Biodegradable Sugarcane Tableware

DIFFA Dining Environment Design by Design



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