Animalia Furniture Collection by Architect Nigel Coates

Nature and animal life dominate the narrative vocabulary of this new collection for Fratelli Boffi. There are a great collection of furniture Called Animalia which was designed by London architect Nigel Coates , including modular seating with pebble-like forms upholstered in tweed, leather and tapestries of hunting scenes, a dining table with wooden legs carved to look like a stags’ horns. The great art that distinguishes Fratelli Boffi is further highlighted by the wood – ziricote – selected for the creation of part of the collection; through its grain and peculiar colour characterised by shades of green and brown, this wood brings out the complicated carpentry work and refinement of the details. via

Modular Sofa with Pebble-like Forms Upholstered by Architect Nigel Coates

Pebble-like Forms Upholstered Modular Seating

MODULAR SOFA : They seem like rocks eroded by the wind: the diverse and irregular volumes of the Modulair sectional sofa cleverly enhanced by the precious fabrics that cover them; tweed, leather and tapestries selected to “enliven” this otherwise inanimate object with their various colours and different textures. Large cushions with round forms on a solid wood structure with old-fashioned feet are combined and completed by interlocking ovoid backs. Three modular types of upholstered piece, available in three different dimensions.

Glasses Dining Table design by Architect Nigel CoatesGlasses Dining Table stags’ horns-like wooden legs

STAG TABLE: The kingdom of animals gives life to the Stag table, the legs of which are reminiscent of a stag’s horns. The glass top, with its soft oval form, reveals the sophisticated carving work of the structure, further embellished by special tropical wood used, ziricote.

DAINA CHAIR design by Architect Nigel CoatesDAINA CHAIR design

DAINA CHAIR: Conceived to live alongside the Stag table, the Daina chair is inspired by the suppleness of the fallow deer and the roundness and grace of the female body, giving it further elegance and lightness. The structure, again made of ziricote, is folded like a ribbon, designing a stylized profile and holding a soft cushion in the middle. The simplicity and delicateness of this design genuinely conceals the complexity of the construction and the refinement of details.

Stag Dining Table by Architect Nigel CoatesStag Dining Table

Animalia Furniture Collection by Architect Nigel CoatesAnimalia Furniture Collection by Architect Nigel Coates


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