Deluxe Tastes Rocking Chair by Cierre Italy for GoModern

Chandelier Black Leather Deluxe rocking chair by Cierre Italy for GoModern

Created by a well-known family factory in Forli, Cierre Italy who specializes in hand make beautiful leather furnitures, the Chandelier leather rocking chair is a fortune gift for lovers of elegant rocking chair. Made of the highest quality materials that was hand made by professional craftsmen resulted the deluxe pieces of furniture that as comfortable as possible, and will last for years and years. Supported by the luxurious stainless steel legs, there are 4 leather grades available, and a rainbow of colours to choose from. For you who have a deluxe style in lounging furniture, the Chandelier will be meet the expectations tastes of luxury.

Deluxe Tastes Rocking Chair by Cierre Italy for GoModern

Deluxe White Leather rocking chair-Chandelier by Cierre Italy for GoModern

Luxury Legs Detail Chandelier Rocking chair by Cierre Italy for GoModern

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