Elegant simplicity Romeo bed design by Meritalia

Meritalia Romeo bed design

If you are looking for a beds which are simple in its structure, but extremely versatile for any environmental necessity, Romeo Beds designed by Italian furniture house Meritalia will be suits to satisfy your wish. Romeo beds are designed in wholly personally characterized models, whether it is with headboards or backsides, either soft or stiff, high or low, with or without cushions and with a wide dimensional range of bases. Come with its elegant simplicity, the Romeo beds is available in two possible versions, they are a panel headboard or an upholstered cushion, where the two versions also provide a choice between two different lengths, and you can also choose among four measurements for the width. Absolutely a perfect media to help you relax, and get into the mood for deep, restful sleep.

Italian furniture house Meritalia Romeo bed design

Italian bed design Romeo Meritalia

Elegant simplicity Romeo bed design by Meritalia

For more informations about Romeo bed, please visit Meritalia site here


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