Green Furniture Ideas-Bamboo Float Sectional Sofa from Viesso

Unique Green Bamboo Float Sectional Sofa from Viesso

If you are looking for green furniture idea, an innovative seating solution with wonderful design that’s offers plenty of comfort, here I share you a custom sofa that’s also an eco sofa made from sustainable bamboo materials called Bamboo Float Sectional Sofa produced by Viesso. A creative and unique modern sofa pairs bamboo for the base, with upholstered seating mounted to the top, implemented with style and grace. This sectional has an Asian Zen quality about it, feeling very light and balanced with its textures and form. A Bamboo Coffee Tables is come as the complement with the sofa. Install it and make your room feels like oriental living area.

Green Furniture idea-Bamboo Float Sectional Sofa from Viesso

Asian Zen quality Bamboo Float Sectional Sofa from Viesso


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