New Innovation ARTESIO Kitchen design by Poggenpohl German

New Innovation ARTESIO Kitchen design by Poggenpohl German

Recognized as a groundbreaking innovation in the world of Kitchens 2011, +ARTESIO is union of furniture design and architecture, the result of a perfect cooperation between German Maker Poggenpohl and prominent architect, interior and product designer Hadi Teherani. Together they creates the best functional modular kitchen, not only a room for cooking but also a room to grow, room to live, and room to play, all sections was arranged to giving a new tought kitchen with aesthetic sententiousness and ergonomic perfection. The ARTESIO kitchen is an open living kitchen plan, which has captured consumer hearts for allowing the multi-tasking chef to interact with their families and guests while cooking. The comprehensive view of the kitchen and the room includes not only the floor and walls, but also the ceiling. The functional arc, with its innovative ceiling element, offers a wealth of flexible uses. It simplifies flow management and offers space for audio, extractor hoods or indirect LED cove lighting that provides pleasant, general illumination. ARTESIO is an unique innovation in the world of kitchen design, where a construction grid of 13 cm creates a concept dimension that brings together the panel wall, base unit and furniture in a horizontal linear arrangement.

New Dimension ARTESIO Kitchen design by Poggenpohl German shown at Eurocucina 2010

A multi-functional wall made from grooved panel marries kitchen and room, function and design. It conceals a horizontal LED strip that casts indirect light upwards. Delicate shelves made from stainless steel have also been integrated as an additional element. A stainless steel panel becomes the characteristic functional panel that makes the switches, sockets and wall fittings become part of the overall concept. The use of handles accentuates the kitchen’s appearance and sends out a visual signal. The asymmetrical bracket handle made from lacquered metal becomes a sculptural exclamation mark in the architectural language of form interpreted by Hadi Teherani. The brilliance of back-lacquered glass mirrors the environment and reflects light. Glass is synonymous with openness and transparency. Where perspicacity is the key, glass is the material of choice. The clear or pastel-coloured glass element showcases and protects what’s inside.

Luxurious ARTESIO Kitchen design by Poggenpohl German at Milan Furniture Exhibition

Drawers and pull-outs present their contents clearly and manageably, giving you convenient access to them from above. All variants have supported opening and feature side panels made from lightweight yet sturdy aluminium. With a low material thickness and no profiles, their minimalist look is one that impresses. Indirect illumination, which switches on automatically when the pull-outs are opened, along with modular inserts made from solid maple, provide perfect working conditions. A custom-combinable system of modules makes the very most of the space available. In this case, the wood used is solid walnut, which looks stylish and purist with its thin cross-section. Functional accessories such as plate holders, spice shakers and porcelain or aluminium jars provide the perfect complement to the wooden inserts and containers.

Modern ARTESIO Modular Kitchen design by Poggenpohl German

Cooking and dining belong together here. They are married through common concepts and a standardised use of form. The table and corner bench are characterised by a podium. The table top and the bench cushions appear to float above them. The effect is sculptural and accentuates the kitchen’s horizontal orientation. The corner bench made from dark pine and light leather radiates the tradition of craftsmanship at its absolute finest. The horizontally stitched upholstery follows the 13 cm concept dimension of the panel wall. With its perfect finish, it provides clear aesthetics and superlative seating comfort. Clear, self-confident and authentic. The chair, made from stainless steel and leather, creates the bridging element between reduction and emotion. Its architectural design reiterates the kitchen’s language of form. Lavishly upholstered, it guarantees comfort in every sitting position.

New Innovation ARTESIO Kitchen Cabinetary design in white gloss finish by Poggenpohl German

Brushed Pine Cabinet panel wall of ARTESIO Kitchen design by Poggenpohl German

Luxurious ARTESIO Kitchen Cooking-cabinet design by Poggenpohl German

ARTESIO Modular Kitchen Cabinet with Pastel-coloured Glass design by Poggenpohl German

Perfection in detail ARTESIO Kitchen design by Poggenpohl German

Smart Organising storage combinable of ARTESIO Kitchen design by Poggenpohl German

High-quality Drawer design of ARTESIO Kitchen design by Poggenpohl German

Stainless steel and Leather Dining Chair of ARTESIO Kitchen design by Poggenpohl German

Wood and Steel Combination ARTESIO Kitchen design by Poggenpohl German

New 2011 ARTESIO Kitchen design by Poggenpohl cooperation with Hadi Teherani

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