Easy 5 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Decorating Tips

Sweet Cupcake Toppers-Easy Tips of Valentines Day Decorating Ideas

For some people, Valentine’s Day maybe means ordinary, but more people also consider it very important to show affection to a lover, parent or friend in this special day, including Me. Since it isn’t coincide with the holiday season

, sometimes the bustle make us didn’t have a time to prepare a romantic things to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. But, don’t worry because I have some easy and fast decorating tips to make your Valentine’s Day more memorable this year, even in 5 last-minute. Surprise your valentine with one of these simply chic projects, which all can be homemade by yourself..

The first image is an easy tips to make your simple cupcake become a sweet cupcake by adding an easy-to-make cupcake toppers. To create cupcake flags, cut a strip of patterned scrapbook paper one inch by 5-1/2 inches, and fold in half. Place a piece of double-sided tape the entire length of the backside. Place a four-inch lollipop stick in the crease, and fold over the paper. Trim the end to form a flag shape. Use a paper punch or hand cut a small heart; attach the heart to the flag with a foam dot to add dimension. It’s inspires right…?

Conversation Cupcakes-Easy Tips of Valentines Day Decorating Ideas

Conversation Cupcakes, A new take on a classic. Instead of candy hearts this Valentine’s Day, create your own conversation cupcakes with your adorable labels. If using a paper punch, cut the labels into rows to allow for the paper to fit into the punch. You can also cut the labels into rectangles, if you don’t have a punch handy. Use a round label to attach a lollipop stick to the backside of each label.

Pretty Paper Garland-Easy Tips of Valentines Day Decorating Ideas

Pretty Paper Garland: Paper garlands are an easy-to-create and versatile decoration. Hang on the walls, down the stairway banister or across the front of a table. Create garlands made from colorful scrapbook paper to decorate your home for Valentine’s Day. All you need: scrapbook paper, ribbon and double-sided tape. Use a 2-1/2-inch or three-inch scallop circle paper punch to create six flat circles per rosette. Fold each circle in half. Use double-sided tape to attach the backsides of two of the folded circles. Continue attaching the folded circles, alternating paper patterns. Before attaching the last circle, place thin ribbon through the center of the rosette and then attach the final circle. Repeat until desired length of garland is reached.

Easy Doily Garland-5 Last-Minute Valentines Day Decorating Ideas

Easy Doily Garland: To create a doily garland, fold six-inch doilies in half and use double-sided table to attach a thin ribbon in the crease of each doily. Use a paper punch or hand cut small hearts; attach to the center of each doily with double-sided tape.

Love Letters-Easy Tips of Valentines Day Decorating Ideas

Creative Love Letters: Spell out L-O-V-E or any word using inexpensive chipboard or wood letters covered in decorative paper. Use finished letters to create a banner or mantel display. Trace the chipboard letter on the backside of the patterned paper, and cut out paper with scissors or craft knife. Use a foam brush to apply mod podge to the paper letter and adhere it to the chipboard letter. Allow to dry. Use emery board to smooth edges and remove any excess paper from letter. Stamp a small ink pad around the edges to give the letters a worn look. Use ribbon to hang letters as a banner or use as a display on a mantel or table.

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