Formal Home Theater room combined with Fun family room design

Formal home theater seating by the screen

Please check for these perfect combination between formal Home theater room with Fun family room design. The owner family was looking for a theater, but didn’t want a dedicated theater space, they wanted to be able to watch movies, entertain guests and play games. So, the solution was a hybrid sort of media room, which includes formal home theater seating by the screen, and family-style seating and a billiards area in the back. There’s also a bar off to one side, making the entire space L-shaped. Light comes into the area from walkout doors in the back, so a rear-projection system was used to prevent the picture from washing out. And to make the screen visible from the back of the room, the theater area was dug down a couple of feet.

Family-style seating Furniture

The custom-designed rear-projection system uses a three-chip Runco VX2Cx DLP projector and Stewart Filmscreen rear-projection display to provide a whopping 138 inches of high-def video. That makes it big enough to be enjoyed by anyone playing pool way in the back of the space. The coolest aspect of the space is the JBL Synthesis Two system. To help tame the sound, Starr Systems added Acoustic Innovations panels to the walls. An Acoustic Sciences Corp. (ASC) system in the ceiling that’s an underlayment between two layers of drywall with a channel above the ceiling prevents vibrations from transmitting to the rooms above. Making it all work for the homeowners is an AMX control system, with a wireless Modero MVP-8400 8.4-inch color touchscreen to call up the family’s choice of movies, music or other entertainment.

Bar Area design

Hybrid sort of media room

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