Very Cool Thanksgiving Table Decor ideas for Kids

United States and Canada gives thanks for its good fortune on Thanksgiving day once a year. For you who routine celebrate the Thanksgiving day, where the rituals of family meals silly with turkey and mashed potatoes is a must. Lets make a different this years for your kid’s by decorating the thanksgiving table specifically for childrens. I have review some inspire ideas that is good enough, it is cool and i hope will make the Thanksgiving celebration more interesting this year, please check it below…

Functional Tablecloth-Very Cool Kids Thanksgiving Table Decor ideas

Functional Tablecloth
Cover the table in brown craft paper to provide a place for creative minds and idle hands to color doodle or play games. Simply roll out craft paper and securely tape it under the table’s edges. Bonus: This durable surface protects your tabletop and makes cleaning up spills and crumbs a snap.

Wearable Place Cards-Very Cool Kids Thanksgiving Table Decor ideas

Wearable Place Cards
Inspired by the story of the first Thanksgiving, these Indian headdresses are customized with each child’s name as a creative way to mark their seat. They can be made ahead of time by the hostess or children who are old enough to use a glue gun.

Kid-Friendly Centerpieces-Very Cool Kids Thanksgiving Table Decor ideas

Kid-Friendly Centerpieces
Centerpieces for a kids’ table shouldn’t be fussy; they’ll need to withstand possible spills and rough-housing so opt for heavy vessles like ironstone pitchers and small mixing bowls. Fill them with mums, pumpkins, acorn squash or gourds and embelish further with raffia, ribbons and feathers.

All in the Details-Very Cool Kids Thanksgiving Table Decor ideas

All in the Details
Making a special kids’ table is all about the little things. Pay attention to the scale, practicality and playfulness of the centerpiece and each place setting. Your pint-sized guests should feel relaxed to be themselves and have a great time.

Mess-Free Crafts-Very Cool Kids Thanksgiving Table Decor ideas

Mess-Free Crafts
Craft projects are a great way to entertain and encourage creativity, but the dining table shouldn’t be cluttered with paints and glue sticks. Instead, stock the table with an assortment of colorful beads, leather cording and feathers so the kids can create a necklace or bracelet to wear with their headdress.

Fun Thanksgiving Paper Crafts and Printables-Very Cool Thanksgiving Table Decor ideas for Kids

Color and Create
Fill jelly jars or juice glasses with crayons so kids can color the brown paper tablecloth as well as fun Thanksgiving paper crafts and printables, like these turkey finger puppets. Children can also be encouraged to write a list of things they are thankful for.

Educational Decor-Very Cool Kids Thanksgiving Table Decor ideas

Educational Decor
Use plates and utensils that are similar to what colonists and Native Americans may have used. Pewter and wood plates can be paired with “bone” handled or simple silver flatware. This can spark discussions over what clothes might have been worn and food might have been served at the first Thanksgiving.

Assemble Headdresses-Very Cool Kids Thanksgiving Table Decor inspiration

Assemble Headdresses
Cut a strip of leather (available in craft or fabric stores) into approximately 21″ – 23″ lengths. Place ends of length together to form a circle and hot glue into place. Glue feathers onto inside back of headdress.

Paint Headdresses-Simple Kids Thanksgiving Table Decor inspiration

Paint Headdresses
Using a paint pen or acrylic craft paint and an artist brush, paint each child’s name onto the front of their headdress. Embellish the sides with painted symbols or decorate with beads and hot glue.


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