Cartoons Nuances Kids room Design from Kidtropolis

Cartoons Nuances Kids room Design from Kidtropolis

Cartoons Nuances Kids room Design

Here is the latest and greatest project by Kidtropolis which is took about 4 months of prep work and a 5 day install. Located in Mississippi This amazing fairy bedroom takes captivating fairytale themes and brings them to reality in a beautiful design meant to appeal to small children. Pink is the main color used and it goes great in combination with the other elements to create this incredible room. An indoor tree with life-size leaves, birdhouses, lamps in the shape of flowers, mushrooms, a bean stock, they are all here creating a fantastic environment. Everything in this kids’ room is eye-catching and original: the shelves, the bed-stairs, the lockers. Sometimes it can be really hard to decide what would you add or remove in order to decorate the perfect bedroom for kids, come up with a design that is suited for the little ones, that will intrigue and captivate them. But it is a true challenge but a lot of fun at the same time, so lets do it…!

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Cartoons Mushrooms Nuances Kids room Design from KidtropolisCartoons Mushrooms Nuances Kids room Design

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5 Responses to “Cartoons Nuances Kids room Design from Kidtropolis”

  1. Naurael Says:

    This is really nice.

    Except… not for small kids.

    There are so many small items in reach, they will be plucked out, tried to be eaten or left all around the rest of the house pretty soon.

    The general idea, the round bed, the tree, the blossom lamp-stand, I really adore, but all the other stuff would have to go to make it really child-safe.

    But let’s be entirely honest, while I’m at it: This is no room for my kids. But I WANT ONE!!!


  2. Alison Says:

    I absolutely adore this room! I have just fallen in love with it. I would love to have another baby and if I have a girl this time I would love, love, love to this exact room for her!!!!!! It is just amazing….but did it cost a lot of money to create?

  3. Megan Says:

    The child would outgrow that bed by the time she’s three or four and consequentially never remember having such an amazing room.

    I think the target age is a little to low. Give it a full sized bed and create a room that will not be out grown until junior high or later and I think the idea will be more effective.

    Even now, I’d still love to have a room like that, and I’m in college!

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