Interesting Nursery room Decorations Ideas by Designer Dan Vickery

Beautiful Nursery room Decorations Ideas

Designing and organizing the perfect nursery for your new little baby could be very interesting challanges, therefore as source of your inspiration, here I show you some great ideas from Designer Dan Vickery who shares his favorite tips :

  • Installed Softer tones, like blues, greens and pinks, begin to develop at the same rate so they’re more pleasing to a newborn’s eye. Newborns can only see black, white and gray. As their sight develops, the first color they recognize is red; however, avoid red in a nursery because it can create confusion to a newborn when it’s the only color they see.
  • For inexpensive and creative art, frame pictures from old children’s books. A row of framed pages can be interactive for a child as he learns to read, as well as fill a large blank wall in a contemporary way.
  • Wallpaper or a large graphic is a great way to add a lot of style in a quick and durable way. By choosing a classic damask or stripe pattern in modern youthful colors, you can achieve a look that won’t have to change as your child gets older.
  • In a nursery you never know what is going to get dirty, so you can try to make just about everything in the room washable and durable. Hardwood floors with rugs are great, but if you do not have the luxury of hardwood, rugs laid over carpet work as well.
  • Add a daybed in the nursery to serve as an extra place to sleep. It’ll come in handy during nursing or if your baby is ill. It can also be a great surface for folding clothes or where older children can sit and not feel excluded but still be out of the way.
  • A changing table requires lots of accessible storage within arm’s reach. Try keeping diapers opened and stacked in a basket or drawer. This makes it easy to grab just one.
  • Paint oversized stripes on the walls. The application is easy and easier to change if you pick one color of stripe to paint over in the future.
  • For a timeless design in a nursery, don’t be afraid to add sophistication. Enlarge a monogram of the infant’s initials on the wall for a classic design element that still celebrates your newborn in a personal way.

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