Mediterranean Style Lighting, the CLOVER LAMP by Alberto Sanchez

Mediterranean Style Lanterns, the CLOVER LAMP by Alberto Sanchez

One again an unique-designed lighting that attract my attention, this one comes from Spanish Design Studio, MUT. Through their high talented designer, Alberto Sanchez, they produced a mediterranean influence illumination, named the CLOVER LAMP. Comes in lanterns, floor standing lamps or ceiling lamps, can be used for indoors and outdoors. As a high commitment to the sustainably design, this lamps carrying nature as main source of inspiration, for instance takes the silhouette of a clover as an influence. Clover also gives the different environments, a very graphic aesthetics thanks to the light beams that cast shadows trough the interlaced. Available in three identical structures on which color strings are woven of colors, allows complete customization by offering numerous possibilities of color. Did you agree too that the lighting is really unique …? even not only that, the lamp is also environmentally friendly.

The CLOVER LAMP Collections-Mediterranean Style Lanterns by Alberto Sanchez

The CLOVER LAMP Details-Mediterranean Style Lanterns by Alberto Sanchez

The CLOVER LAMP Installation-Mediterranean Style Lanterns by Alberto Sanchez

Unique CLOVER LAMP design-Mediterranean Style Lanterns by Alberto Sanchez

images courtesy of MUT Design Studio + atelier


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