Stylish Swan Lamp and Swan Vase by Kenyon Yeh, London

Stylish Swan Lamp and Swan Vase by Kenyon Yeh

When I feel bored with the interior object that is monotonous, I try to think about something that is contemporary, and when browsing the internet, I found something that is interesting, the Swan Lamp and Swan Vase designed by London-based designer Kenyon Yeh. Inspired by the beautiful shape of old chair leg, the creative designer find the idea to create the contemporary pieces of lighting and vase with a similar form. First, he transformed it into a table lamp that is shows the warm, beautiful and it’s yet attractive detailed line shape, combine with inner gold shades. The minimal curves and clean lines of the chair leg intended as a table lamp, once cast in resin, seem to have transformed into an abstract fluid form – which makes a rather elegant ornament indeed. Then Kenyon Yeh continued his experiments, this time he creates an aesthetic black and white colors vase by making mold from old chair leg then casted the vases in resin. The vase top edge is covered with 23 carat gold feature, and 45-degree cutting edges rectangle stand which give the elegant impression. Let’s consider the work of Kenyon Yeh through some interesting pictures below…!

Stylish Swan Table Lamp design by Kenyon Yeh London

Aesthetic Black and White Swan Vase by Kenyon Yeh

Decorative Accessories Swan Table Lamp by Kenyon Yeh

Contemporary Details of Swan Flower Vase by Kenyon Yeh

Contemporary Swan Table Lamp by Kenyon Yeh


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